Page 1: Which answer comes closest to describing how you usually feel or act?

Question 1: When you go somewhere for the day, would you rather
 plan what you will do and when just go
Question 2: Do you consider yourself to be
 more of a spontaneous person more of an organized person
Question 3: If you were a teacher, would you rather teach
 fact courses courses involving theory
Question 4: Are you usually
 a "good mixer" rather quiet and reserved
Question 5: Do you usually get along better with
 imaginative people realistic people
Question 6: Do you more often let
 your heart rule your head your head rule your heart
Question 7: Do you prefer to do many things
 on the spur of the moment according to your plans
Question 8: Are you
 easy to get to know hard to get to know
Question 9: Does following a schedule
 appeal to you cramp you
Question 10: When you have a special job to do, do you like to
 organize it carefully before you start find out what is necessary as you go along
Question 11: In most instances, do you prefer to
 go with the flow follow a schedule?
Question 12: Would most people say you are
 a private person a very open person
Question 13: Would you rather be considered
 a practical person an ingenious person
Question 14: In a large group do you more often
 introduce others get introduced
Question 15: Would you rather have as a friend someone who
 is always coming up with new ideas has both feet on the ground
Question 16: Are you inclined to
 value sentiment more than logic value logic more than sentiment
Question 17: Do you prefer to
 wait and see what happens and then make plans plan things far in advance
Question 18: Do you prefer to spend a lot of time
 by yourself with others
Question 19: Do you find being around a lot of people
 gives you more energy is often "draining"
Question 20: Do you prefer to
 arrange dates, parties, etc., well in advance be free to do whatever looks like fun when the time comes
Question 21: In planning a trip would you prefer to
 most of the time do whatever you feel like doing that day know ahead of time what you'll be doing most days
Question 22: At parties, do you
 sometimes get bored always have fun
Question 23: Do you usually
 mingle well with others tend to keep more to yourself
Question 24: Are you more attracted to
 a person with a quick and brilliant mind a practical person with a lot of common sense
Question 25: In your daily work, do you
 rather enjoy an emergency that makes you work against time usually plan your work so you won't need to work under pressure?
Question 26: Would you generally say it takes others
 a lot of time to get to know you a little time to get to know you